Effective Collaboration With Stakeholders to Get the Most out of the Research Activities’ management

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A diverse and inclusive work environment and team are key contributors to the success of research activities. The respect for others’ experiences and perspectives in all the steps of a research project is of major importance for a great collaboration and the production of outcomes and the sustainability of the project.

These aspects are particularly linked with the ability of  promoting, organising and managing research activities on work-based learning (WBL), in which teamwork and relationships with peers are relevant to make the most of research-related activities.

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Promote, organise and manage research activities on work based learning

Foster and inclusive research environment

Develop and build an appreciation of diversity

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1 hour to complete the following tasks:

  1. Design a strategy for embedding diversity and fostering diversity in the research environment
  2. Identify and describe 5 steps for engaging with stakeholders in research
  3. Read the (PDF) Promoting Work Based Learning and Capturing its Outcomes (researchgate.net) and explain the criteria you would follow to ensure external cooperation, bearing in mind a topic/theme of the project and the concept of WBL. Please give examples.

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