Who are we

Eurokreator T&C is a training and consulting family business company, which was established in 2007. Eurokreator main field of activities is education and innovation tools in education. We have provided services for more than 100 hundred companies, mostly SME and universities in Poland. We have more than 50 experts and trainers, among others specialized on competences analyses. Eurokreator supports business entities in the field of developing and submitting innovative industry qualifications to NQF and developing competences. It is the owner of the iLab educational environment, has its own organizational and technical facilities, which include creative space iLab Plus (80 sq m), together with telecommunication and internet facilities, projection equipment and software. Eurokreator organizes training in ilab on different topics Specializes in the implementation of training in the field of: R+D cooperation, development of innovation in enterpreneurships, development of innovation qualifications. Human resources include: qualified trainers and business coaches (about 30 persons) who have the ability to combine cognitive processes using modern technologies, experts in the field of management, communication and brand building, advisors in the IT / VR / serious games industry, R+D.

Why we are Participating in the Project

EUROKREATOR has implemented several R+D and training projects connected with competences and cooperation with SME and universities: Transfer of Knowledge and Innovation POKL 8.2.1, 84 MMŚP from the Małopolskie Voivodship, Science for business, business for science POKL 8.2.1, for 46 MMŚP from the Małopolska Voivodship Projects were focused on supporting, among others, innovative companies in the chemical industry, including the production of medicines. In addition, projects related to vocational training: School of Masters, Master of Vocational Training, Teacher of the School of Clothing in the Modern Fashion Industry Enterprise, Masters of Hotel Management POKL 3.4.3. The time for changes was POKL 8.1.2, a project concerning the creation of subregional partnerships in the field of economic change management, in partnership with Pricewaterhause Coopers was significant in terms of education. Eurokreator has experience in creating multimedia materials such as e-books, materials supporting educational processes for educational publishing houses. Eurokreator prepared multimedia content for FRSE consisting of interactive quizzes and games run using IMO-LEARN sensors, educational games for the interactive floor, and room escape games for mobile VR. Eurokreator was responsible for the implementation of webinars, webcasts and media broadcasts. In his ilab space, he introduces proprietary solutions for managing multimedia and presentation content for training purposes (creating original multimedia scenarios during trainings).

Our Role in the Project

Partner. Organization, coordination and management of the project. Contacts with Polish National Agency. Contribution to all Intellectual Outputs, hosting one Transnational Project Meeting, hosting two Multiplier Events.

Our Team

Rafał Kunaszyk


A long-time trainer, educator, specializing in soft and creative trainings, self- presentations, implementation of new technologies. He creates strategic partnerships that connect business with academic environments to implement research projects and support new technological trends.