Welcome to the RECAPHE Assessment tool

This self-assessment tool will enable stakeholders with different profiles related to Research and Innovation in Professional Higher Education (PHE) to measure their  levels of attainment for a set of competences which had been grouped in the following competence clusters:

I. Research Design for Innovation

II. Research Management

III. External Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer

IV. Teamwork

V. Research Based Teaching

VI. Leadership, Scientific Guidance, and Supervision

Instructions for using the tool:

  1.  Each of those competence clusters has associated a collection of questions you should answer rating your abilities to perform on a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 is “not able at all” and 6 is “able to initiate and perform individually”.  The tool will collect your answers and will generate a report which will help you to detect how to enhance your capacities.
  2.  To start your self-assessment, please remember you need to be previously registered in the system and logged in. To do so,  select any of those options in the upper menu.
  3.  After logging in to the system,  can you select below the icon which better represents your role/profile within your institution and proceed with your self-assessment.

Note:  The Registration process might take up to 15 minutes, please be patient and wait for the registration email before attempting to log in once you completed the registration.