Supervisory Skills for Researchers

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This module aims to encourage existing or potential supervisors to extend their knowledge, skills and expertise in the area of supervisory strategies both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and their awareness of current issues in research supervision.

LO1 Critically reflect on various approaches to research supervision both at undergraduate and graduate level
LO2 Evaluate good research supervision practice for each stage of the project cycle
LO3 Evaluate approaches to constructive criticism as part of the obligations of a research supervisor
LO4 Evaluate the ethical implications of issues in a variety of research contexts
LO5 Critically reflect on the practice of maintaining appropriate records in line with good supervisory methods
LO6 Critique current issues and developments in research supervision practice at national and international levels

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Supervisory skills for researchers

Conversation on Effective Project Management

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(estimated time to complete the task: 1 hour)

Compile a presentation on how important is the role of an effective supervisor In your research project?

  • Additional Resources
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