Strategy Tables for Grant Applications

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European Commission research funding programs, as most research funding programs, are launched based on pre-identified priorities and require the development of extensive applications where the applicants need to justify how they will address them. The This means defining a strategy based on many elements, which we have tabulated in the RECAPHE Strategy Table for Grant Applications. This table is divided in three main sections:

  • Project Context
  • Project Planning
  • Project Monitoring

The section Project Context serves to identify the grant program priorities, the research problem and its probable causes (the research context) and the project mission, vision and objectives of the project (the project intrinsic identity).

The section Project Planning serves to cascade the project objectives into actionable work packages, its activities and expected targets, define their duration; and to allocate responsibilities among the project consortium.

The section Project Monitoring serves to define performance indicators to monitor – and when possible, also measure – the development of the project. The section also serves to allocate responsibilities for monitoring and to define the moments in which this should take place.

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Strategy tables for Grant Applications

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After watching the video above and using it as guidance, develop a Strategy for your project idea. You can download the RECAPHE Template for Strategy Tables for Grant Applications in editable format and use it as is; or you can develop a different one, personalized to your specific needs.

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To get more acquainted with project management methodologies, particularly the ones recommended by the European Commission, you might want to read the PM2 Project Management Methodology Guide 3.0, which you can download at: